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Show Me How you Dance TANGO or KIZOMBA...

By Jean-Pierre Sighé

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I will start off by re-affirming and confirming that TANGO and KIZOMBA are both improvisational dances.

In dancing, to improvise, is to instantly create and project movement, with the body. It is an intuitive experience. The body is to the dancer, the instrument, as the musical instrument is to the musician. The experience of instant creation and execution of movement draws its magic from the depth of the individual. Without exaggeration, one could say that it is a sacred experience. Dancing, is definitely a sacred experience.

My assertions are sustained by my personal experience and background. They are not mere theories. Providence had me, in this life, born and raised in Africa and more specifically, in Cameroon, the land of the Makossa Music and several other rhythms and fused-rhythms. Growing up, I experienced the CANDOMBE , this drumming experience where the principle of “call-response” is activated, by the drummers, but also the dancers.

My training as a musician further nurtured that experience. TANGO or KIZOMBA are the instances where that background is proven useful. Sharing it with others, is my passion and mission.

Many come to TANGO or KIZOMBA by the learning of a bunch of steps or figures that they work hard to memorize. The immediate logical question that should come to mind is this one: if I am dancing an improvisational dance...why must I memorize steps put together by someone else?

Such legitimate inquiry would save many from the disappointments to come, sooner or later. When the spontaneity of the improvisation is replaced with the boring and predictable memorized pattern, the dance suffers.

The ability to improvise awakens the poetic and lyrical qualities hidden in all of us. That is why, I have always remained faithful to that treasure from my background, but also from the Tango Masters who influenced me during my discovery and learning of Tango. I believe that the poetic and lyrical side of us, brings out the persona we are. I say with no hesitation:

Show me how you dance TANGO or KIZOMBA and I will tell you who you are!

The more the mind is freed from remembering a bunch of steps, the better it can delve into the Mystic of instant generation of movements, inspired by the music; in other words, the better it can create and project Beauty. The Man morphs into a Gentleman , creating unpredictable and pleasant space and moves for the Lady, while the Lady transforms into the Creature of Grace, embellishing and inspiring. Thus, TANGO happens! Thus, KIZOMBA happens!

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