Here, the student is fluent with all the information dispensed and will be encouraged to dance as often as possible, with all levels of dancers.

  • To the Masculine Energy or Partner, we say : «  Dance with the Lady as if she is absolutely correct in any of her steps ; as if she is committing no error ! You should be able to take her from wherever she is and have her to walk to the new space you propose ».

  • To the Female Energy, or Partner, we say : «  Be as present as ever possible. You are the CENTER ! It means you are the one who allows Movement to begin. Be as clear as possible as to where you are. When you switch weight, it must be done in ALL awareness. Once you make your decision to switch weight and walk, or stay on the same spot, do it with CONFIDENCE and TOTAL ACCEPTANCE of your space ! Embellish with GRACE ! Take your time ! Be IN THE MOMENT ! DO NOT ANTICIPATE ! « 

Those who study with our program from the beginning are encouraged to become Instructors themselves, either within our organization or, with their own enterprises.

Total of hours needed to complete this section of the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® ": Group sessions: 30 ; Private sessions:15



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