Tango dancing is an improvisation. Therefore, learning a bunch of steps is...useless ! We stand behind this assertion...fully !

In the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" the MEDIA-VUELTA is the key element in understanding the generation of moves and steps in Tango. In fact, there is no steps or pattern created outside of the Media-Vuelta. This is the secret to improvisation in Tango. Our experience has proven to us that our students have become fluent composers on the dance floor.

The MEDIA-VUELTA derives from the MOLINETTE, but is just half of the rotation. It is also called « Media-Luna » (half-moon). The concept cannot be lightly taught. It is either fully understood or it is not. One cannot know the MEDIA-VUELTA... «  a little bit » ! Without the knowledge of the MEDIA-VUELTA, Tango dancing becomes a boring exercise of repeating memorized steps, Soul in it ! We help the student understand how the MOLINETTE and the MEDIA-VUELTA, although executed with a specific set of 3 steps are actually a TOOL TO RESOLVE THE CIRCLE in Tango. This is where, unless, one understand what it means, the « circle » in Tango, one cannot efficiently teach the MEDIA-VUELTA.

Tango that started as a dance executed in the square or the rectangle, evolved to become a curvy dance, thus very elegant and rich in moves. How is it possible to evolve around a partner without pushing them off or pulling them off their axis ? The MOLINETE and more efficiently, the MEDIA-VUELTA brought forth the solution.

The student understand how to create the instances of a GANCHO, SACADA, PLANEO, VOLCADA, COLGADA...etc, all the fun things that are unfortunately, taught, in the sole context of steps.

The "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" emphasizes the higher level of the connection, which brings to the forefront the Grace of sharing the dance and the floor with others. Meanness has no place in the Tango experience. The impact we have on others is brought up. Tango dancing can be (and IS) a powerful tool to help us stay connected to the Lightful side of Life.

An Excellent Tango dancer is Graceful ; that is how the projection of Beauty can occur ! Nothing is useless in Tango, when done in full awareness ! On the other hand, there is no wrong step in Tango, if the step is executed in awareness ! These principles are emphasized to the Intermediate and Advanced student.


As the Masculine Energy, or Partner, composes and takes the Female Energy, or Partner to the improvised places and moves, they are both listening to the Music.

The Tango music can be a challenge to many. It is good to remember that the Tango music was systematically re-arranged in the format of the Chamber Orchestra... It means that the drums were removed and banned. Therefore, only those who are capable of hearing the Habanera, as stated before, would be able to enjoy the full experience in Tango dancing. Tango IS NOT a 2 by 4 or 4 by 4 experience ! The Habanera makes it more rich that that. Therefore, the dancers MUST be able to express that richness, just like the musicians do.

The "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" helps the student hear the Habanera. We have developed a progressive strategy to educate in the Habanera sounds and different Musics, to help the Tango Dancer hear the down-beat, even in the pieces where it is barely emphasized. It is always there, otherwise it would not be Tango music. This new strategy has proven to be an EXCELLENT tool to understand and dance the MILONGA. The “Traspié”, is better explained and understood. The MILONGA- CANDOMBERA becomes possible. In other words, the very essence of the Milonga is understood.

We also help the student use that Habanera hearing to improvise in context. This technique brings the student to a deeper experience in Tango.

In that spirit, the other rhythms that we dance in the Tango experience become easy to learn : Milonga and Vals (Tango-Waltz)

The so-called “8 counts basic”

many people come to Tango, through the unfortunate window of the “8 count basic” that is taught as the basic of Tango. The simple logical question every learner should ask, before they submit themselves to such a fallacy is the following: “if Tango is an improvisation, why should I learn a bunch of steps to memorize?” Unfortunately, many do not ask that question.

We dismiss the “8 count basic” as useless and untrue. It is easy to go to a Milonga and see that NOBODY dances the “8count basic steps”. In fact, anyone who tries it on the floor will be quickly overwhelmed, out of place and rightfully...discouraged.

Someone put together that particular combination to illustrate three Events that are used in the Musicality of dancing Tango. These three Events are the following:

SALIDA (or exit, marking the beginning of the dancing)...

CRUZADA (or cross, marking a suspension or also marking the time where the partners come back to the default alignment of being right in front of each other) …

CONCLUSION (also known as Tango-Close, where the dancers close their phrasing to re-open to the new page of their composition).

The “8 count” could have been put together in 6...9..10...20 steps! It is not that mysterious.

The "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" articulates the three Events and teach how to use them, in order to enjoy the Tango dancing.


The general philosophy preserved in the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" compels to presenting to the student the rules and protocols in the Tango world, that are observed by everybody, This helps develop dancers who are also good social individuals. The Tango experience is a deeper, multi-layers experience. The student is accompanied through the unavoidable personal challenges that come along the way.

Total of hours needed to complete this section of the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® ": Group sessions: 154 ; Private sessions:112



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