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The Magdalena Technique ® indispensable Tools in dancing Tango

The general Philosophy :

Tango dancing is a lifelong experience of the combination of the Feminine and the Masculine Energies to produce TOGETHER a series of moves and steps. The two Energies are in a Partnership. The moves and steps are improvised and spontaneously generated.

The Feminine Energy, or Partner, is the CENTER of the dance. The Masculine Energy, or Partner, accommodates that CENTER, using good technique of the Body Generation of Movements, to that effect.

The Feminine Energy, allows the Masculine Energy to propose the places to go to and does not anticipate the following move, but rather focuses on fully completing the travel to the proposed place or move.

The Feminine Energy is quiet and omnipresent, fully aware of the Axis of the couple and capable of walking into the proposed move or space.

The Masculine Energy is adventurous and must create a variety in the moves proposed. A skilled dancer is unpredictable in the moves or sequences, he proposes.

It is a constant communication from the two partners who are co-writing a history, inspired by the Tango piece, they are both listening to.

Both partners must be proficient in the Basic Technique of Walking , taught by the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®.

Any learning of Tango dancing through a set of memorized steps will undoubtedly produce unskilled Tango dancing. Sooner or later, the practitioner indulging in this will experience dissatisfaction and frustration. That is why the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® does not teach steps.

Stages of the Learning :

Three Major Steps mark the progress of the student :


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