This portion of the program includes :

1- The Posture

2- The Connection

3- The Creation of the 3rd Axis

4- Walking with a Partner

The Posture :

Because Tango is a Walking dance, understanding what makes a desired or good Posture is an important element of the learning. One must learn how to « hold » or « carry » oneself, in order to enjoy the exercise of walking, let alone, walking with a partner.

Our Posture Expert will help the student develop the good posture, that helps project the beauty of the body line. Incorrect body posture will be brought to the awareness of the student and the remedies proposed to correct the situation.

The Connection :

Tango is a closed-embrace dance. This implies connection to the partner as much as possible. The "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® teaches two types of connections : the physical connection and the more subtle connection, defined as the Awareness Connection. Both are essential conditions to a successful partner dancing. Simple but efficient exercises are taught to demonstrate how the Feminine and the Masculine use the connection to navigate with each other.

The Creation of the 3rd Axis :

As soon as both partners touch each other, a 3rd Axis is spontaneously generated. In that 3rd Axis, both partners dwell and find one another. Both partners are responsible for the management of that 3rd Axis. The creation of this 3rd Axis does not annihilate the individual axis. In fact, the good management of the 3rd Axis must be done with the tool of the individual axis.

Ultimately, the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® " helps the student understand what actually constitutes the Axis. It is a Metaphysical place from which, Movement will be generated.

The Walking with a Partner:

To be able to hold a partner in the embrace and walk , in a casual way, moving as one unit, is the goal to achieve in this portion of the program. « holding » oneself up, while at the same time allowing the other partner to « hold » them-self up.

Total of hours needed to complete this section of the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® ": Group sessions: 7 ; Private sessions:4



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