This exclusive and complete program is designed to allow individuals interested in teaching Argentine Tango, to have a deep understanding of the dance. The program goes into the deeper aspects of Tango. The program also has a special emphasis on the Candombe.

The pre-requisite for any candidate, is to have completed all the segments of the “ THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE®”, from the Pre-Tango program.

Upon the completion of the TEACHERS PROGRAM, a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be delivered and the Teacher, encouraged to propagate the “THE MADGALENA TECHNIQUE®”, with the full support of the founders.

Specific Subjects offered:

1- The Philosophy of the Tango dance. Tango, metaphor for Life experience.

2- Musicality / Complexity of the Candombe.

3- The concept of Giving and Receiving. How does it apply in Tango?

The Philosophy of the Tango dance. Tango, metaphor for Life experience.

Touching another living Creature and holding that Creature in our arms has the immediate effect of harmonization, or tuning-up. Can this harmonization be augmented or diminished? What should be the ideal mental place that favors the best connection?

  • Exercises of atonement.

Musicality / Complexity of the Candombe.

From the Candombe drumming, came the HABANERA. Call-Response, is the secret of improvisation. The dancers' instrument is the entire body. Every move of the body, has a rhythmic value attached to it. It cannot be otherwise.

  • Exercises of Call-Response.

  • Emphasis on the HABANERA

  • Other musical genres that use the HABANERA or imply it.

The concept of Giving and Receiving. How does it apply in Tango?

Giving and Receiving proceed from the same mental place. They are the two sides of the same thing and SHARING is the underlying activator that must be kept alive.

In Tango, the Music that both partners, listen to, is the platform that manifests the SHARING. In Tango, the Music is the ultimate LEADING PARTNER that both dancing partners follow diligently, as they SHARE its waves.

The call-response of the Candombe, allows both partners to SHARE their experience of the Music. It is a communication. The skills in that communication can be enhanced, bringing the musicality expressed in the Tango dancing, to a great artistic level. Such high artistic level creates a great feeling that triggers good Tango dancing.

- Complex Exercises of Call-Response from the HABANERA.

Total of hours needed to complete this section of the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ® ": Group sessions: 15 ; Private sessions:10 ( for those who have studied with us from the Pre-Tango Program all the way to the Advanced Program)



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