Gotta Tango offers a concise, complete, and clear

compendium of the dance of tango, a gift to you,

the social dancer, and a must for anyone inclined

to become a teacher of it. Nothing like it exists,

and it is destined to become a classic, much like

the tango itself. This is the fruit of Alberto and

Valorie’s labor of love and a delightful result of

their intelligence and expertise as master


Through their exploration, Alberto and Valorie

have made the dance form something teachable

by expanding on old ideas and codes that permeated

the world of the tango when they and others

found it languishing for lack of interest and understanding.

They have influenced the very language

used in teaching the dance. Taking the ideas

offered to them personally by proponents of the

golden age, they have worked tirelessly to present

a clear and accessible construction of the dance.

They do this to empower one and all to embrace

the enjoyment and benefit of it and to understand

the culture and history that formed its music,

poetry, and, of course, the dance.

Gotta Tango by Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart is a

superior instructional package for learning how to

dance the authentic Argentine tango at a social

level. Master teachers Alberto Paz and Valorie

Hart take you on a journey through the rich

culture, history, and music of Buenos Aires that

inspired the romantic passion, alluring creativity,

and natural elegance of the Argentine tango


2007 - Paperback


2007 - Paperback

Appox. 216 pages with 45 min. DVD

ISBN 978-0-7360-5630-4







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