Useful Additional Info to get to our Studio



At night time there is plenty of parking spots on Grand Ave, all the way from Mac Arthur Blvd., to the TRIO Bistro area. At Grand Ave and Euclid, there's a convenient public parking. There's also the Public Library parking lot available, located across the street from our building (in the island between the Lake and Mac Arthur).


- If you park on Grand Ave and Euclid, you can walk up Euclid and immediately turn onto the first street called Burk Street. Walk to the curving portion at 433 and you'll see an illuminated bridge to your right that would take you directly to the 3rd floor where we are. The bridge will always be illuminated during our milongas.

- If you come from Burk Street, please call us at 510-390 2886 should the door be locked. We will manage to leave it open during the milongas.

- If you come from the front door, just dial #305 and we'll buzz you in.

- If you come on 580 and exit on Grand Ave, right before you get to Grand Ave, on the right, you could park your car there and walk up the stairs. You are on Lagunitas Ave. Walk about 200 ft and make a left onto Burk Street. As it curves to the right, on your left you'll see the illuminated bridge at (# 433), taking you to the back building of 580 Grand Ave.

- Also, there is plenty of parking under the freeway. Drive onto Lake Park Ave.