Live Music Milongas and Tango Magdalena


By Jean-Pierre Sighé


We have mustered our energies to launch our “Live Music Milongas” modus operandi. The move came after serious cogitation on the investment burden it implies, at least in the beginning. In the end, the most encouraging and convincing thought could be summarized as follow: the Tango experience is more than a hall where one can dance Tango; the Tango experience calls for an atmosphere; the Tango experience demands that all the details to facilitate the complete sensorial, emotional and psychic  outcome be available; the Tango experience, is a soulful experience!

The soulful experience… these words keep knocking at the door of our cogitation and they eventually win in their persistence. As some of you already know, we launched our program on Sunday November 20th 2011.

We want Tango Magdalena to be, in the entire Bay Area, the place where Live Music is the norm; and this includes our Friday Milongas and our Sunday Matinée Milongas, as well. The only time we will not have Live Music will be due to the scheduling with the Tango music bands available in our area. Fortunately, we have a good “brochette” of Tango bands to satisfy our needs. No doubt, more bands will come to existence.
Live Music adds a lot to the socializing atmosphere of Tango Magdalena Studio as the entire studio is devoted to dancing, while we re-arrange the space outside of the studio to accommodate the chatting and laughter.

More news: We have been able to schedule Seth Asarnow y su Sexteto Tipico, the Redwood Ensemble, Ville & Maho, Odile Lavault & Parlor Tango, Seth Asarnow & Marcelo Puig, Tangonero. Other bands have been contacted and will be scheduled as permits with our available dates. As we stated in our launching flyer, our goal is to support and encourage local musicians. This emulation can only encourage more creativity and continue to enrich our Tango journey. Our “Live Music Milongas” are a great opportunity for them. In the long run, the quality of the Tango Culture itself, in the San Francisco Bay Area, will rise to be better and better. We look forward to our patrons’ continuous support.

New Year Eve Celebration
On Saturday December 31st we will have a Special New Year’s Milonga. We will dance from 9 PM until everybody is exhausted. We encourage you to bring some food or drink to share. We will serve some finger foods along with donated snacks; and, of course, Champagne will be on the menu to make the countdown as celebratory as possible.

May the Holidays Season infuse its magical vibrations in you and your family!


© December 2011