Dear Tangueras and Tangueros,

TANGO MAGDALENA is very pleased to announce the final stage of the creation of its Dance School, materialized by its physical home in its own space or studio .

Our studio is located in a very nice area in Oakland, at the Lake Merrit. Our official address is:


11163 San Pablo , El Cerrito, CA 94530.


Needless to say that we will do more than we had been doing so far. We will continue to share our knowledge of Tango in four different formats: a/ Group Classes; b/ Private Classes; c/ Semi-Private Classes; d/ Workshops.

a/ Group Classes:

They will be organized in three main sections : Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, with a specific subject to be studied. They will also include the progressive series to allow a continuum in the dancers learning experience.

b/ Private Classes:

Like in the past, they will be available on a very flexible timetable, to be as accommodating to the students as possible. Although our general schedule would indicate a specific day of the week for the Private Classes, please, always check with us if your particular schedule is in conflict with the calendar. We will endeavor to accommodating your schedule.

c/ Semi-Private Classes:

This is something new we will introduce here (an idea borrowed from two great friends of ours from Southern California. We will soon introduce them to the San Francisco Bay Area ... A lot of fun coming up!).This format will allow dancers who cannot at the moment afford Private lessons by themselves, to constitute a group of two, three, four, five or six couples and get the lessons for the price of the regular Private Class. It would be up to the couples to make their arrangements to make their payment as one couple or one individual.

This is a great opportunity for circles of intimate friends to get together to study and share the cost of the personalized service we would be providing in the context of a "private" setting.

We think this will be encouraging to many.

d/ Workshops:

Once a month, we will organize Workshops on specific subjects, in conjunction with other Great Teachers in the National and International Tango community. This takes us to the other very important things the Studio is all about.


The Art Gallery

TANGO MAGDALENA is committed to helping promote the Art in its diverse forms, at the Studio. We will display the Art work of Artists, Sculptors, Designers, Inventors...etc, that are talented but yet unknown, from both the Tango community and the outside world. Obviously, we will also display the work of those who have already made a name for themselves. In this regard, we would like to appeal to you to locate the talented people out there who deserve to be discovered.

And to those of you who are the talented Artists we are referring to, please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like your work to be displayed at the Studio.

To every one else, if you happen to know of any such talented person, please, alert us. We would greatly appreciate it.

Guest Teachers as well as Guest DJs will be regularly invited to come and be part of the Studio. Announcements about these teachers and /or DJs will be posted as they are scheduled.


Looking forward to having you visit us.



Jean-Pierre Sighé


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Grand Opening of our Studio