The time has come to mark and beat the drums, once more, for the great progress noted and demonstrated by a dedicated student of Tango. We will never say it loud enough: the attitude of the learner accounts for a good portion of the visible progress.

We are very pleased and proud to present our Student of the month for October 2013: Stanley Mak.

Stanley came to our studio, starting his Tango journey, from ground zero. He had not taken a Tango class before. We quickly noticed how dedicated and attentive to the details, he was. He felt at home in our format where we do not teach steps to be memorized.

It is particularly pleasant to hear him express his sentiment about what Tango is to him at his point of his journey. Some few weeks ago, he was asked to take the time to write something to that effect. Here's what he has to say (reproducing here the entirety of his words is appropriate):

"Hi Jean Pierre,

Finally put together this piece of short writing to summarize what I think about tango. It encompasses a lot of ideas that we have been talking about in the class. Slowly, these ideas have integrated to my way of living, one dance at a time. I'm sure these wisdom will always be a part of my tango in the ever-lasting journey to come.

"Tango is more than just a dance; it is a way of life. Because of the constant improvisation in tango, it heightens our senses and awareness to the surrounding in a way that few of us have ever done before. As in life, none of us knows for sure what steps are going to come next. Two steps forward don't guarantee a third. Subtle changes in the pressure and position of our bodies guide our partners to place their feet exquisitely. We then quickly invent a step of our own to accompany our partners and so on until the end of a song. This is why tango appears to be so complex and herein lies the beauty of dancing in the moment. Same goes with the dance of life."

Sincerely, Stanley"


BRAVO Stanley!!!!!!!


Keep up the elegance and the gentleman's state of mind you described well !!!!


Jean-Pierre Sighe, Mia Yamauchi and Irina Goodkoff