The Official Launch

By Jean-Pierre Sighé

Dear Tangueras and Tangueros;

This is a very special newsletter. I encourage you to read to the end in order to get a complete update on our exciting transition from the old to the new.

It has been a remarkable personal journey, one rich with discovering and learning. Even as life presented me with challenges, my gratitude for the essence of life continued to inspire me, which in turn re-affirmed my commitment to share my love and passion for the art of Tango.

Those of you who kept in close touch, were aware of the constant effort that it took to manifest and sustain the existence of Tango Magdalena Dance & Art Studio. The obstacles were numerous, including the loss of our studio space. Nevertheless, my awareness of spiritual principles gave me strength to know that behind the face of obstacles are, in fact, powerful solutions.

From this truth I was led to see that my vision of sharing and teaching Tango went beyond a physical place. This revelation allowed me to embrace and create an exalted version of Tango Magdalena.


Sixteen years of teaching the knowledge and the Art of Tango, have been very gratifying! The more I taught, the more I understood why this unique information was given to me. I thank my first teachers, Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart and the “Master of the Masters”, Carlos Eduardo Gavito along with his partner at the time, Marcela Duran. Other teachers contributed significantly to my learning, such as Facundo Posadas, Fabian Salas, Chicho Frumboli, Julio& Corina, Todd & Marizabel...Muchos Gracias!

During this time, I have remained faithful to the authentic Argentine Tango in its improvisational nature. At the beginning, I was warned that unless I taught people steps and figures, I would not be successful in my pursuit. I refused to betray Tango or offer “short-cuts”. I focused my energy to pass on the knowledge the same way I had received it, insisting on the fundamentals: The Art of WALKING!

My teaching partners and I have been grateful to witness the beautiful transformation in people who thought they could not dance Tango, gradually became Tango dancers. We also worked with hundreds of people who were already in the Tango world and heard of the Tango Magdalena Studio, where they could actually learn the fundamental Technique of the WALKING.

These encounters have encouraged me to remain true & consistent to the essence of what was taught at the Tango Magdalena Dance Studio. This commitment lives on in the complete Curriculum contained in,


The launch of the curriculum is made possible with the full support of my Assistant Oshalla Diana Marcus and other committed individuals who make up our wonderful team.

Our official launch is on MONDAY OCTOBER 03t 2016 (save the date) LAS VEGAS, Nevada

We will teach our signature PRE-TANGO; PARTNER CONNECTION WORKSHOP, A fully enjoyable class for people who might be intimidated by Tango, but who, nevertheless, would be willing to learn about Posture, Connection, Walking with ease, Walking with a partner, Walking in the embrace...etc.

A FREE INTRODUCTION TO TANGO CLASS, will be taught after the workshop.


My alluded to journey found me in a leadership training program introduced to me by son, Florian Sighe. This transformative experience ushered in an entire community of friends and extended family. The program itself delivered me into a re-birth of consciousness that has made me stronger and fiercely committed to fulfill my life mission.

For these compelling reasons, Las Vegas will host our official launch, although we will continue to hold launch similar events to promote the Magdalena Technique in the Bay Area for many months.

Meeting my partner, Oshalla Diana Marcus has been providential. She is an experienced and devoted professional in the Wellness Industry, that includes Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Dancing. As a Business owner, she brought to me the insight to structure the “THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®”.

Oshalla has signed up to the TEACHERS PROGRAM we offer and is a devoted student of the Magdalena Technique & the art of Tango.

I want to also acknowledge Irina Goodkoff , who has been very generous in devoting time to help me teach the classes.

I equally thank Mia Yamauchi who has been just as generous with her time. On the Kizomba side of things, I've had the pleasure to teach with Erica Knight.

You are invited to join us for our celebration in LAS VEGAS! Let us know if you need support to make your presence, possible.

AND If you choose to stay, remember what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas! : )

Our Private Classes along with our Pop-ups activities will continue, as they actually offer the suitable flexibility and efficiency to teach and share our knowledge to, as many people as possible.


I declare an expansion in our Tango Journey! Join or stay with us! Stay tuned for the new website WWW.THEMAGDALENATECHNIQUE.COM !...


© September 2016