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By Jean-Pierre Sighé


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D ear Dance Enthusiast,

"Dancing Tango is an improvisational art form. Therefore, there is NO NEED to memorize mind numbing steps."

These words are quoted as I received them from the Tango Masters I studied with, and now I faithfully pass them on to you.

Having taught Argentine Tango since 2000, it has been a natural progression to document what I have been teaching for the last seventeen years.

This documentation is fully expressed in THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE® Curriculum.

If you are contemplating learning Argentine Tango, we welcome you to our PRE TANGO Program that will introduce to the world of Tango.

THE CONNECTION WORKSHOP, part of the Pre-Tango Program, teaches you essential skills needed to be an adept partner dancer.

If you have had a little experience with the Argentine Tango, we will guide you further along and will travel with you as far as you desire to go.

Perhaps you have had an experience that emphasized learning steps and were scared off by the fear of memorizing. If this is the case, we are happy to share a method that will not require you to learn steps, unless you want to.

If you are already a Tango dancer, we welcome you, and are enthusiastic about taking you further along.

In your training you will discover the secret of IMPROVISATION-the Soul of Argentinean Tango-

As you master this way of dancing we are confident that you will regain your enthusiasm for this passionate dance.


If you are a KIZOMBA dancer. We welcome you.

The Kizomba section of the Magdalena Technique will help you become the Kizomba dancer that expresses with improvisational style and grace. A dancer who conveys joy to their partner.

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Jean-Pierre Sighe

Artistic Director, The Magdalena Technique



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