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Manuel Suarez Resume


I am a performer, teacher, choreographer, and director of Cuban styles of music and dance.
I began studying music at the Escuela de Arte in Cuba when I was six years old, and at the age of ten I began to study dance technique via modern dance as well as folkloric and Cuban popular dance.
I also had the opportunity to be part of different music and dance troops which resulted in the participation of a myriad of festivals, such as Festival de la Danza Folklorica, Weimilere, and other international festivals in Spain, Italy, Denmark and others.

Since coming to the United States of America in 2000, I have continued my art through teaching and performing both nationally and internationally. I have been teaching Cuban styles in numerous universities, cultural centers, schools and dance studios such as University of California at Berkeley, Sacramento State University, San Francisco State University, Mission Cultural Center, Berkeley High School, Alice Arts Center, No Sweat Dance Studio and many others out of the bay area.

Performance. Solano Stroll Fair, Berkeley, CA September 2000
Performance. Carijama Festival, Oakland, CA May 2001
Performances. Tap City Festival, New York. The Duke Theater, opening act with founder Rumba Tap Max Pollak, 2001, 2002, 2003
Cuban All Star Music and Dance Workshop and Performance, Berkeley, CA. Organized by Manuel Suarez, March 2001.
Havana Style Rumba with Ban, Rra, Rra ensemble coming direct from Cuba. ODC Theatre San Francisco, CA, March 2002.
Berkeley High School, 2002
I got a California Arts Council grant (Artist in Residence Program as individual Artist in residency)
CitiCenter Faculty Performance, Oakland, CA, 2002.
La Moderna Tradicion “Roots of Cuban Music” Performance South of Market Cultural Center. San Francisco CA
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Carnival 2002 (Artistic Director and Choreographer for more than 60 member contingents, 21 awards)

Performances. Mistura Brasilera, November 2003
-          Legion of Honor, San Francisco CA
-          Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA
-          Cowell Theater, San Francisco
Performance and workshop, Los Angeles, CA 2004
Carnival, James Lee Middle School, San Francisco, CA 2004, 2005
Performance in Madrid, Spain, Marrakech, Morocco, October 2004
Mas con Menos Alice Arts Center Oakland, CA July 2005
Mas con Menos. La Pena Cultural Center February 2006
Concert.La Pena Cultural Center 31rst Anniversary, Berkeley, CA 2006
Concert. Manny y su MDO, La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley CA, June 2006
Concer. Manny y su MDO, CultuCuba, Oakland CA, June 2006
Concert. Tito y su Son. The Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael CA 2006
Concert. Manny y su MDO. La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA July 2006
Concert. CultuCuba Anniversary. Oakland, CA 2
Concert. Tito y su Son. The Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael, CA
Concerts and workshops. San Miguel de Allende , Mexico (Centro Cultural el Recreo) October 2007
Performance. Cubahia. Laney College, Oakland, CA November 2007
Worshops. Spain (Madrid, Cadiz, Sevilla) February 2008
Workshops. Denmark (Copenhagen) March 2008
Workshops and Concert Italy (Turin, Cagily) March 2008
Workshops. England (London) March 2008
Performance: Cubaneando. Laney College June 2009
Workshops and Performance: Panama April 2009
Performance 10 Anniversary Celebration of my artistic life in USA, Boolyhood Cafe and Malonga Theater.

 Festival internacional 7 Potencias en Escena 2002. to 2011. Annual event
I am also the founder of CultuCuba an organization specializing in the preservation of Cuban tradition and Culture.



- 12:00 - 1:00 PM > Traditional Afro Cuban

- 1:00 - 2:00 PM >Beginners

- 2:00 - 3:00 >Intermediate / Advanced

In the beginning class you will learn the basic steps and the
fundamentals of solo and partner dancing.

The intermediate and Advanced class focuses on improving your skills and styles and providing you with new tricks to show off in the clubs. These classes will teach you how to dance and to connect the music to the movements.

For more information contact: cultucuba@gmail.com.

Contact Manuel Suarez: 415-947-9729


Fees: $12

Address: 580 Grand Ave, Suite # 305, Oakland, CA 94610


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TANGO MAGDALENA : 510-390 2886

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