Who are we?


We are a group of passionate Tango dancers...

Two years ago, we met around a couple of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. We celebrated the birth day of a living legend, Facundo Posadas and we also brought to the area Pr. Robert Farris Thompson for a lecture on the Afro Roots of Tango. Both events were a success!

Both events inspired us to do more: create an Afro Tango dancers group to maintain a close relationship with similar groups in Argentina. We quickly understood the importance of such effort. We could enrich our Tango journey by nurturing its undestructible link to the past, through a constant contact with those who should be regarded as the silent guardians of a Culture.

A.R.T.S., definitely international and widely open to all men and wemen who have been thirsty for more information about the Tango history. We have grown disatisfied with the often easy answers stating that the history of Tango has been so distorted or destroyed that nobody really knows how it all started.

We intend to be a fun group to socialize with. You can also visit our page on the social networking on Face Book.













Birthing of an Afro Argentine Dancer Group

From Candombe to Tango and Beyond (PartI)
From Candombe to Tango and Beyond (Part II)







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