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Jean-Pierre Sighe is the Founder of the "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" . He has owned and operated his own Dance Studio in Oakland, from 2007 until 2013 ( TANGO MAGDALENA DANCE & ART STUDIO , initially located at 580 Grand Avenue. We are currently re-locating,. During all that time, a unique curriculum was created and followed diligently. Asserting the fact that Argentine Tango is an improvisation, Jean-Pierre insisted on the fundamentals of the dance, replicating his own learning from Alberto Paz and through the other Tango Masters he studied with, and most significantly, Carlos, Eduardo Gavito.

Since Tango is an improvisation, it does not make any sense to teach people a bunch of steps, that they will undoubtedly forget, or, the steps that will freeze their dancing experience. The reality, is that, on the dance floor, especially, on a crowded floor, the steps would quickly be proven useless. worst, they will take the dancer into the clumsiness and ultimately, to personal frustration.

The curriculum taught here is a proven one, in its efficiency and authenticity. Hundreds of satisfied students who have studied at Tango Magdalena Dance Studio over the past years, have been enjoying their Tango experience and excelling on the dance floor whreever they show up to dance.

Jean-Pierre met Oshalla Diana Marcus, who has a long dancing background. Oshalla is a Business Owner with her practice in Pilates, Yoga and Posture instructions, all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Oshalla, immediately understood the importance of what was dispensed at the Tango Magdalena Dance Studio, and decided to become a Certified Teacher in the program. She is an avid learner and deeply involved with "THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE ®" . She is actively involved in the expansion of the Program. She is the Assistant and she is in charge of the booking and enrollment issues.


The Magdalena Technique ® is owned by Epsilonar Inc. Holding company of Tango Magdalena, LLC. All content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the written consent of the authors. Copyright 2016.