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=> We proclaim that Argentine Tango is the Perfect Dance of the Archetypes, where the FEMININE and the MASCULINE express together, the Ultimate Alchemy!
=> We proclaim that the FEMININE is the CENTER of the dance!
=> We hold it dear and true that CANDOMBE is the matrix that engendered the HABANERA. Its progenies are: MILONGA, TANGO, SAMBA, SALSA, REGGAE, CALYPSO, ZOUK and all the implied sub-genres.
=> We believe that the Perfect Dance of the Archetypes is present in KIZOMBA and any other dance, in the closed-embrace!



We are committed to dispensing instruction on the exquisite journey of the Argentine Tango. We do it through our concise curriculum, designed to transform anyone who can walk, into a Tango aficionado.

We also offer a Teachers Program, that trains and equips those who want to become Tango Instructors, with the full support of our network.

You are invited to come in and learn more about who we are and what we do. Enter here!


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